Trade research

Picture6Distribution Check
Distribution Check study allows us to track our product availability, sale, inventory, assortment effectiveness, etc. versus competitors’.
Distribution Check study can be deployed for the following objectives:

– To identify how effective different distribution channels are
– To identify how effective the merchandising is
– To recognize new players joining the market, new assortment, POSM, etc.
– To keep track of retailers’ feedbacks, tastes, and dynamics
– To keep track of consumers’ feedbacks, tastes, and dynamics
– Etc.

Picture6Outlet Census
Outlet Census study involves the recording of specific details for each individual outlet including name, location, sales, inventory, etc.
Outlet Census study can be applied to serve such objectives as below:

– To scan the market for a market entry decision and/ or plan
– To implement marketing and promotional plans effectively
– To allocate sales force effectively
– To have proper plans to deploy different channels effectively
– Etc.

Picture6Mystery Shopper
Every business works for its customers. The higher quality the customer service is, the more loyal customers tend to be. Customers today are not only interested in the product they are offered but all the additional elements of service they receive from the first greeting at the first touch-point to the after-sale service.

– It costs approximately 6 times more money to attract new customers than it does to retain an existing customer.
– Dissatisfied customers are likely to tell 5 to 7 times as many people about their experience as satisfied customers.
– For every customer who complains about a minor problem, fifty remain silent.

Picture6Mystery Shopper (cont’d)
Mystery Shopper study can be used to assist the business to track your customers’ satisfaction by identifying what brings your customers back or what drives them away for timely and proper adjustment.

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