Customer research


Brand Health Check

Brand Health Check monitors important brand measurements such as brand awareness and brand perception. Not only measuring own brand health, brand managers can also monitor their competing brands.


Usage & Attitude (U&A)

U&A study is one of the most commonly used research methodologies in market research. It can provide information on consumers’ using and purchasing habits, and their attitudes toward products and brands.
U&A study can be considered for the following marketing objectives:
- Identifying market opportunities
- Formulating marketing mix strategy
- Evaluating marketing activities of players



Market segmentation is one of the most fundamental concepts in marketing, of which the primary objective is how to win and retain the customers we target to.
Market segmentation is used to form groups of customers who share the same or similar characteristics via understanding customers’ needs and how they decide ‘this’ not ‘that’. Then brand managers can identify which groups it is best suited and which product or service it should offer to meet their needs outstandingly.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction study is aimed at exploring how satisfied consumers are toward a product or service.
Customer Satisfaction study should be conducted when the experience is still fresh in their minds ie. they have to remember the experience – still. Otherwise, their responses may be less accurate due to confusion of a mix of different experiences.
Via satisfaction rate, consumption impact, repeated purchase rate, recommendation rate, etc. obtained from the Customer Satisfaction study, business people can keep track of their customers’ loyalty.


Product Evaluation

Product evaluation can be used at almost stages of the product life cycle, from the concept through maturity stage, serving a bunch of purposes.
Since product normally costs a lot from innovation to development and promotion, product evaluation can help minimize the investment and assure.